The story behind my latest set

Music is a big part of my cycling journey. I chose each of those tracks for specific reasons. Often because of a great training or interval I had with one track, or just memorable moment that I want to get inspired from when I train or warm up before a race. It’s been a while since I had mix something so some tracks are a little old already.. And oh yes a few mistakes here and there..sorry i bike more than I mix :p

1- Freaks – Timmy Trumpet
This one has actually no reason to be here other than I thought it be a great intro to set the pace

2- Up in this – Julian Jordan
Noticed this one during my warm-up on the roller before the Scratch race at my first race night in TTown US Sprint GP. The night I fell in love with the track again after a mentally tough camp in LA

3- Ping Pong – Armin van Buuren (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)
Driving back home after long road trip to Georgia, US for my first USA Crits, 2 bloody elbows and a big smile. From the first listen this one had its ticket for the next mix. Makes me want to ravee !

4- Apocalypse 2014 – Arno Cost &amp Norman Doray (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)
Intervals training the morning after Lachine Crit 2 weeks ago, first win on the road, meaningful victory, getting prepared to crit nationals and bc superweek. this one has a powerful melody

5- Kingdom – Jewelz & Sparks
can’t remember the first time I listen to it but reminds me of race warm up in TTown

6- Bio Riddim – Vato Gonzalez
Oh this one, a special one. This one brings me back to february when I got back on the roller and trainer after a track camp in Florida. Training inside at this time of the year was mentally tough, with a full time job around the training…I was having a rough time. Once a week I would be working on my pursuit, 4 X 4min max effort on the roller, in the bars, targeting the fastest average cadence (my speed sensor didnt work..). But just like on the track, I would not have any numbers to help me keep the pace. My garmin actually can’t fit on my TT bars so I would press start 15 seconds earlier, put it aside, get in my bars and start when the clock needle in front of me gets at 12. And then one time this song played and what it did to me was awesome… « wel-wel-welcome to my world » sounded like I was suddenly in my zone, this is what I want to do this is the goal I had set earlier in the off-season: the pursuit. I need to improve my pursuit and that’s what I’m doing right now so you better kill it now! and then I just put my mind into the song until the rest of the interval to see after that I had just beaten my time (cadence) by a lot. Since that one interval, I would always play it during each repetition, and that for the next couple of weeks I did that training. After a few times it felt like I could just hear it to pace myself on the beat even though it’s not the same bpm. So anyway, this one reminds me of the hard work I put in this winter and how determined I felt.

7- Vargo – Danny Howard & Futuristic Polar Bears
Bangerr track, its impossible to pace on this one i just want to sprint

8- Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse – Borgore & Sikdope
Monster track !! lets go craaazy

9- This is dirty – DVBBS & Moti
Warm up in TTown. Ah I love the energy of this one

10- Vikings – 3LAU & Botnek
track camp in LA, first day warm up I was so excited

11- Volfied RIddim – Vato Gonzalez
Ok this one has the same story as Bio Riddim from the same guy Vato Gonzalez since it was mixed after Bio Riddim so I would always finish the interval with the beginning of this one. I didn’t know Gonzalez before but I felt in love with these 2 tracks of him.

12- Amen – Merk & Kremont
another banger track that I’ve been listening for a while now, but still works

13- Emos – Burns
driving back from Lachine 2 weeks ago, powerful sound

14- Hollow – Dubvision
Oh this one got me straight to my heart hahaha.. my type of track, great voice, huge track. it could have been the conclusion of the mix. I put it there as a conclusion of a warm up or training. I like to build up the emotions near the end

15- Breathin’ – EDX
sweet one to finish, or to cool down. I also noticed this one on the drive back in the rain from Lachine, it felt just awesome, somewhat emotional still, but just sweet.

Free download as usual. You can find more on the music sets page here or visit my soundcloud page.