A Bikepacking Story – Full Film Release

Some of you know about a (life-changing) one-month bikepacking trip I did last spring. I have finally put together the footage of my cameras to re-create the story in a one-hour film version!

I rode for 5 weeks, self-supported, through the desert and mountains of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It was my first ever bikepacking trip. From pro bike racer, to bikepacker, in 3 weeks of preparation! It was quite the journey.

Created around the personal story of overcoming fears and challenges, I wanted to present the roads, the landscapes I cycled and hiked through, and to share that feeling of freedom that bikepacking gives.

Aside from biking, the trip turned out to be a journey of self-discovery and introspection. I think we can see in the film how it changed me, how my confidence grew during the trip, how it changed my perception of cycling, and my purpose in racing.

It’s a very personal story, but I hope that a few people, racers, cycling enthusiasts, and even non-cyclists, can relate to my experience as this was my first trip of the kind.

I also hope this can serve as inspiration for a future trip or tackling a new goal that you’ve been putting aside.

Watch it here or save it for later!

(Subtitles available EN/FR)

Marie-Soleil Blais

Marie-Soleil Blais

Bike Racer & Adventurer

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